AlpenBergland 16-fach v2.0.3 FS22 - Farming Simulator 22 Mod | FS22 mod (2024)

AlpenBergland 16-fach v2.0.3 FS22

– Change in fillType for BGA and composter (version reversed, because otherwise the map with Maize+ would no longer load.
– Small thing fixed with the placeable cowshed.
New savegame is not required

Welcome to the stunning world of LS22 Alpenbergland 16fach, an extensive and fictional map,
set in the majestic landscape of the Alps. This 16-fold multi-crop map expands the
gaming experience many times over with an impressive variety of crops such as tobacco, hemp, hops, lavender and clover,
including the necessary equipment for these special crops. The expanded animal system adds another layer of
immersion and management to explore.

The dynamism of the map is underlined by the varied decoration, which changes according to the time of day, weather conditions
and season – from parasols and pool water in summer to snow stomped in winter.
This ensures a lively and constantly changing environment that is the appeal of Alpenbergland.

The map offers 143 fields, including 8 meadows, which vary in size from 5ha to an impressive 73ha,
as well as 37 forest areas for clearing. In addition, there are 13 purchasable building sites available, which, together with 28 productions
and 17 sales points, enable extensive economic activity. Three plantations for olives, grapes and hops,
along with six water extraction points, round off the offer.

For easier navigation, the icons on the PDA are color-coded, and anything that does not belong to you
cannot be used, which requires strategic planning and acquisition of land and resources.

In addition to the traditional crops, Alpenbergland includes a variety of additional fruits and production goods
that significantly expand the agricultural spectrum. From cucumbers in greenhouses to cigars and cigarettes
to beer and liquor – the possibilities are almost limitless.

With required mods such as FS22_A_ProductionRevamp and FS22_EnhancedAnimalSystem, Alpenbergland 16 times
offers a deep and expanded gaming experience that will delight both newcomers and experienced farmers in LS22.

KEY DATA of AlpenBergland x16

– 143 fields, including 8 meadows in the size range of 7ha – 73ha
– 37 forest areas to clear
– 13 building plots for sale (Farmland 190 – 201 and 238)
– 28 productions
– 3 plantations (olives, grapes and hops)
– 17 sales points
– 3 farms (Hof Bergbauer, Lohni-Hof and the Viehhof)
– 6 water extraction points

Rye, triticale, spelt, onions, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, red cabbage, white cabbage, poppy seeds, tobacco, hemp and hops (hops can be bought in the shop where wine is sold),
lavender, alfalfa and clover, apples, pears, plums, mirabelles, lemons, oranges, peaches

Cucumbers in Greenhouses, hay pellets, straw pellets, wood pellets, molasses, bran, compost, seeds, cigars, cigarettes, lime, mineral fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, hemp oil,
soybean oil, corn oil, paper, vegetable cans, empty pallets, beer, chips & chips, liquor, tea, apples, pears, plums, mirabelles, lemons, oranges, peaches.

COLORED ICONS for easier orientation on the PDA.

– Green = points of sale
– Orange = productions
– Blue = water points
– Red = plantations, vehicle dealers, gas stations and livestock dealers

FS22_A_ProductionRevamp Version
FS22_EnhancedAnimalSystem Version

– The goat’s milk can be transported with the MK32 available in the map.
– If you want it, precision farming multi-fruit with compost (download here and replace the original mod with this mod file).
– You can find all the vehicles and equipment you need for special fruits etc. in the shop under FM-Modding.
– When CP calculates field courses, a warning about “Performing emergency garbage” always appears, but this has no effect on game performance.
– Since the fruits and harvesters for the Premium Expansion are already included or installed, this is not absolutely necessary.
– On the map, straw bales can be wrapped into compost… If you need straw bales, you have to turn off the wrapper. That’s why there’s this mod “Automatic unloading for bale wrappers”

Precision Farming Multifruit with compost for the Alpine mountain range (download here and replace the original mod with this mod file)

I also recommend the Kögel trailer and the pallet autoloader specialization from Achimobil, which also loads the tobacco, hemp and lavender bales.
Download pallet autoloader specialization
Download Kögel trailer

The map is completely retracted with AutoDrive. Main roads, side roads, field roads, field paths, forests, sales outlets, productions and farms with all parking spaces
Download AD courses AlpenBergland.

Another thank you for the help from my FM team, Lambo & Mc.Doc (AD courses), Toy, OlliB., breaven, Achimobil, Farmer Andy, the Waltons Family (map presentation), Forellen-Udo (video), CornHub (map presentation) and all the other contributors.



AlpenBergland 16-fach v2.0.3 FS22 - Farming Simulator 22 Mod | FS22 mod (2024)


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