NFL odds, lines, picks, spreads, bets, predictions for Week 18, 2024: Model high on Lions, Packers (2024)

For many teams that remain in the NFL playoff picture heading into Week 18, the math is complicated. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking at a win-and-you're-in scenario heading into a matchup with the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. The Panthers are guaranteed to finish with the worst record in the NFL, but don't own the rights to their first-round pick, so they'll try to play spoiler against an NFC South rival.

Kickoff is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET and the Buccaneers are 4.5-point favorites in the Week 18 NFL odds via the SportsLine consensus. Which side should you pick that game and what other Week 18 NFL spreads should you target as you place your NFL bets? All of the Week 18 NFL lines are listed below, and SportsLine's advanced computer model has all the NFL betting advice and NFL predictions you need to make the best Week 18 NFL picks now.

The model, which simulates every NFL game 10,000 times, is up well over $7,000 for $100 players on top-rated NFL picks since its inception. The model enters Week 18 of the 2023 NFL season on an incredible 181-129 run on top-rated NFL picks that dates back to the 2017 season. It is also on a 35-21 roll on top-rated NFL picks since Week 7 of last season.

The model also ranked in the top 10 on NFLPickWatch four of the past six years on straight-up NFL picks and beat more than 94% of CBS Sports Football Pick'em players four times during that span. Anyone who has followed it is way up.

Now, it has turned its attention to the latest Week 18 NFL odds and locked in picks for every NFL matchup. Head here to see every pick.

Top Week 18 NFL predictions

We can tell you one of the model's Week 18 NFL picks is the Lions (-4) cover the spread at home versus the Vikings on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET. Detroit has already clinched the NFC North but could still move up to the No. 2 seed in the NFC with a win and losses by Dallas and Philadelphia, and they've already announced that they're not planning on resting their starters.

The Lions have covered in their last six games against the Vikings, including in a 30-24 victory two weeks ago when Minnesota still had hopes of winning the division. Jahmyr Gibbs piled up 100 yards from scrimmage and scored twice while Amon-Ra St. Brown had 12 catches for 106 yards and a touchdown in the win. Ultimately, the model is predicting another strong day for the Detroit offense, predicting the Lions cover the spread in nearly 60% of simulations.See which other teams to pick here.

Another one of its Week 18 NFL predictions: The Packers (-3) cover against the Bears in a 4:25 p.m. ET kickoff at Lambeau Field on Sunday. Scenarios exist where Green Bay makes the NFL playoff bracket with a loss on Sunday, but the mathematics are simple: If they earn a victory, they are in.

The Packers will take on a red-hot Bears squad that has won four of its last five games. However, the Packers have psychology on their side, winning the last nine in the series. That's a big reason why the model is predicting that Green Bay covers the spread in well over 50% of simulations.See which other teams to pick here.

How to make Week 18 NFL picks

The model has also made the call on who wins and covers in every other game on the Week 18 NFL schedule and just revealed four teams that outright win nearly 70% of the time.You can only get every pick for every game at SportsLine.

So what NFL picks can you make with confidence, and which four teams should you lock in now? Check out the latest NFL odds below, then visit SportsLine to see which teams win and cover the spread, all from a proven computer model that has returned well over $7,000 since its inception, and find out.

Week 18 NFL odds, lines, spreads

Get full NFL picks at SportsLine

Sunday, Jan. 7

Buccaneers at Panthers (+4.5, 36.5)

Browns at Bengals (-7, 37.5)

Vikings at Lions (-3.5, 46)

Jets at Patriots (-1.5, 30.5)

Falcons at Saints (-3, 42)

Jaguars at Titans (+3.5, 41)

Seahawks at Cardinals (+3, 47.5)

Bears at Packers (-3, 45)

Broncos at Raiders (-3, 37)

Chiefs at Chargers (-3.5, 35)

Eagles at Giants (+5.5, 42)

Rams at 49ers (-4, 41)

Cowboys at Commanders (+13, 47)

Bills at Dolphins (+2.5, 48.5)

NFL odds, lines, picks, spreads, bets, predictions for Week 18, 2024: Model high on Lions, Packers (2024)


What is the most accurate NFL prediction site? ›

What is the best site for NFL predictions? is the best site for NFL predictions. Dimers gives 🏈 fans the tools, computer analysis and expert data to excel at NFL betting in 2024. Dimers Pro provides unlimited access to our site, so check out our NFL score predictions and best NFL bets today.

What's the spread on the Packers Bears game? ›

The Packers are three-point favorites in the latest Packers vs. Bears odds, and the over/under for total points scored is 45.

What is the bet against the spread in the NFL? ›

For example, if the stronger team, or favorite, is a perceived six points better than a weaker team, the stronger will be given an NFL bet spread of -6.5. This means to “cover the spread” and win the bet, that team must win by more than six points.

Which prediction site is the most accurate? ›

EaglePredict is the best football prediction site in the world with over 89.9% accuracy rate in our football betting tips.

Who is predicted to win the Super Bowl in 2024? ›

The San Francisco 49ers might have lost Super Bowl LVIII to the Kansas City Chiefs, but they enter 2024 as the best team in football and favorites to win Super Bowl LIX, according to ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI).

Who is sitting out Week 18 NFL? ›

Everything you need to know injury-wise for Week 18 of the NFL season. Some big NFL names will not see the field Sunday including Patrick Mahomes, Brock Purdy, Matthew Stafford and Joe Flacco.

What are the odds of Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl? ›

After producing a 9-8 record last season, the Green Bay Packers are -134 to hit the over on 9.5 wins in 2024. Currently, the Green Bay Packers sport +1900 odds to win the Super Bowl. Oddsmakers have given the Packers -162 odds of making the playoffs.

How much do I win if I bet $100 on odds? ›

Decimal odds explained

For example, a $100 bet made at decimal odds of 3.00 would return $300 ($100 x 3.00): $200 in profit and the original $100 amount risked. A $100 bet made at decimal odds of 1.50 would return $150: $50 in profit and the original $100 amount risked.

How to pick NFL spreads? ›

Choose the Favorite or Underdog.

That means if the spread is 5.5, the favorite would need to win the game by at least 6 points for you to win your bet, and the underdog would need to win the game outright or come within 5 points of winning if you bet on them.

Is it better to bet the spread or win? ›

On the other hand, betting on the underdog can be a good strategy if the underdog team is playing well and the spread seems too high. Underdogs can also win outright, which means that a bet on the underdog to win outright can often result in a larger payout than a bet on the favorite to win outright.

Which team is favored in a spread? ›

The point spread is the expected final score difference between two teams. It is represented as both a negative and positive number; if the spread is 3 points, you'll see that as both -3 and +3. The team that is the favorite to win gets the minus-number (-3); the underdog gets the plus-number (+3).

Which site has the most accurate fantasy football projections? ›

The best fantasy football predictors are Draft Sharks. They've won multiple accuracy awards since 1999 – including the Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award from Fantasy Pros. That's a competition that measures player prediction accuracy over 3 seasons.

Where can I get the best football predictions? ›

MeritPredict is the best football prediction website in the world. Meritpredict makes it easier for punters and football bettors to win their games. we provide accurate football prediction for free to visitors to help them win their bets.

What is the most accurate odds site? ›

OddsChecker is the world's leading odds comparison site and offers the most odds of any website that covers sports betting online. We compare odds for almost every major sport in the world.


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