Is Temu legit? Cybersecurity expert warns it's not the bargain you want, coupon codes aside (2024)

Is Temu legit? Cybersecurity expert warns it's not the bargain you want, coupon codes aside (1)

Seemingly overnight, everyone’s talking about Temu, an online shopping app full of deals that seem too good to be true. You’ll find $17 wireless earbuds, $1 “gold” necklaces and $23 wedding dresses.

No wonder Temu is the second-most popular shopping app in the U.S., behind only Amazon. But most of us know little about the app's origins. Like some other apps, it’s tied to China.

I did some digging into whether it’s safe to use. Here’s what I found:

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Where did Temu come from?

This app isn't some fly-by-night operation. Temu (pronounced "tee-moo") is based in Boston by PDD Holdings Inc. PDD is headquartered in Shanghai. PDD also owns the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo headquartered in –you guessed it – China. (More on Pinduoduo and its shady app below.)

Over 50 million Americans have downloaded Temu since it launched stateside in September 2022. You might remember its expensive Super Bowl ads promising to let you “shop like a billionaire.”

Searches for terms like "Is Temu legit" surged once Americans saw just how cheap the prices are. Not surprisingly, you get what you pay for.

What you need to know before using Temu

First, you're buying goods directly from manufacturers in China and other parts of the world. That's why shipping times are often much longer than on sites like Amazon. You might get your stuff in a week, but that could be more like 12 days.

For the most part, the prices are low because the goods are cheap. The pictures of what you see advertised may not be what you actually get.

Online reviewers seem to agree: Cheap is nice, but not when the quality is too shoddy to use. Temu’s BBB rating is 2.25/5. Reviews at TrustPilot are interesting, with 38% 5-star reviews and 41% 1-star reviews.

But that’s not the worst of it. As you shop, Temu collects lots of information.

What is Temu?:What we know about the e-commerce company with multiple Super Bowl ads

It gets worse

Temu isn’t unique in all the info it wants to capture from your phone, of course. Most apps out there want as much as you’ll give up. But considering its ties to Communist China, the permissions seem even more frightening to me.

Temu collects, among other things:

• The info you provide, such as your name, address, and phone number.

• Details you enter, such as your birthday, photo, and social media profiles.

• Your phone or computer’s operating system and version, your IP address, GPS location (if you allowed it), and browsing data.

They also gather more about you from third-party sources, including Temu sellers, public records, social media, data brokers, credit bureaus, and marketing partners.

Americans using Temu are selling the country out for bargains that really aren’t worth it. I say you delete it. Here’s how:

On iPhone, Long-press an app, then tap Remove App > Delete App. Tap Delete to confirm.

On Android, touch and hold an app, then tap Remove App > Delete App > Delete.

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Temu is not alone

While Temu collects a lot, it’s nothing compared to Pinduoduo. Remember, they are owned by the same company.

Cybersecurity researchers found it wasn’t just tracking device info and activity – malicious code allowed it to bypass cellphone security settings to spy on other apps, read notifications and messages, and even change settings.

Pinduoduo gains full access to all your contacts, calendars, and photo albums, plus all your social media accounts, chats, and texts. In other words, literally everything on your phone.

Why? Company insiders told CNN that it’s a way to spy on users and competitors to boost sales.

No shopping app needs this much control, especially one tied to Communist China. If you’re using Pinduoduo, delete the app from your phone ASAP. It’s also reportedly hard to remove everything, even after you delete it.

Pro tip: If you downloaded Pinduoduo you really need to do a full factory reset on your smartphone to wipe out any remaining code or tracking.

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Is Temu legit? Cybersecurity expert warns it's not the bargain you want, coupon codes aside (2024)


Is the coupon on Temu real? ›

Legitimacy Of Temu $100 Coupon

The Temu $100 coupon is indeed legitimate. This isn't just hearsay; it's based on the company's robust promotional strategies to attract new shoppers and reward loyal customers.

What's wrong with Temu? ›

Temu is a legitimate company and a functioning e-commerce site, but it lacks accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is the standard for major retailers. Many of the tech items being sold on the site look like those manufactured by major companies like Dell or HP, but they're not authentic.

What is the Temu controversy? ›

This is not to say that Temu is a spotless site — recently, allegations of the company's breach of user data have arisen. Across the internet, there have been widespread claims of the app collecting user data. In addition, due to concern over data privacy, Temu faced a class action lawsuit filed in September 2023.

Is Temu 15k coupon legit? ›

Temu is a real online retailer, not a scam. It's owned by a reputable Chinese company, PDD Holdings, which also runs the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo. Temu offers very competitive prices, which is why you might be seeing items for less than your coupon value.

Is the Temu $300 coupon legit? ›

The Temu $300 Coupon Bundle is a special deal that offers shoppers discounts of up to $300. With these coupons, you can purchase items from Temu, an online store that sells a wide range of products, from clothes to electronics.

How do I know if a coupon code is legit? ›

Below are the most common red flags to look for:
  • Coupons that are valued at more than the actual price of an item.
  • Coupons without barcodes.
  • Coupons that do not require a purchase to be made to redeem.
  • Coupons that do not have conditions of usage in small print.
  • Paying for a coupon.

Can Temu access your phone? ›

A cybersecurity concern, that is. Temu is now the target of several class action lawsuits, one of them claiming that once the Temu app is downloaded, it has access to nearly everything on a user's phone.

What is the warning about Temu? ›

The Better Business Bureau, BBB, is warning about all kinds of issues with the website; from complaints about product quality, shipping delays, and items bought but never received. BBB reports over 1,000 customer complaints about Temu, and it's on BBB's alert radar. One of the biggest issues is privacy concerns.

What not to buy on Temu? ›

From my experience, you can find many good quality tech accessories on Temu, like phone cases, AirPods cases, and laptop covers. That said, I would not recommend buying device charging cables, stations, off-brand, or "dupe" tech items from Temu.

Is Temu safe to use credit cards? ›

Yes, Temu is Secure for Credit Card Transactions

Good news for shopping enthusiasts! Temu takes your security seriously. This means you can confidently use your credit card to snag those deals without fretting over safety. Temu prides itself on being a legitimate platform that values user privacy and security.

Is Temu safe to order from? ›

Temu is actually safe site, I myself ordered many times and always received correct items and on-time, so no any problems at all.

Why is Temu so cheap? ›

Temu ships directly from China – the world's leading wholesale market for almost every known product. There. The manufacturing costs are much lower because of the supportive government policies, cheaper labor, well-trained workers, efficient machinery, and more.

Is Temu 100 dollar coupon real? ›

Yes, Temu $100 coupon is legit, and it works when you use aah64133 you will get a $100 Temu coupon bundle that you can apply to your shopping of $200 or more.

Can you trust coupon codes? ›

Coupons are synonymous with fraud. If you choose a generic coupon for a campaign, anyone and everyone could guess it without meeting the redemption criteria, such as giving you their contact details. You may also find that the same person uses the code over and over again under different aliases.

What is the $100 off code for Temu? ›

You can get a $100 off Temu coupon code using the code {aah64133} or {ach320371}. This Temu $100 Off code is specifically for new customers and can be redeemed to receive a $100 discount on your purchase. You can get a $100 off Temu coupon code using the code {aah64133} or {ach320371}.

How does the Temu $100 value coupon bundle work? ›

How does a Temu 100 value coupon work? The Temu $100 value coupon functions as a straightforward discount applied to your total order value. When you enter the coupon code during the checkout process, the platform automatically deducts $100 from your order total, reducing the amount you need to pay.

Is Temu rebate legit? ›

Temu's 100% rebate offer is indeed legitimate. The platform provides certain products with the promise of a full rebate, making your purchase essentially free after you receive the rebate. It sounds too good to be true, but it's part of Temu's strategy to attract new users and keep them coming back for more.

How to get free stuff on Temu? ›

In the app, tap the “You” icon at the bottom center of the screen, followed by the “Messages” and “Promotions” buttons. Scroll through your promotions until you see a “Daily Gift Box” promotion. Opening these free boxes can earn you special deals, promos, and even account credit. Enter Temu-organized giveaways.


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