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Send money overseas has become a dire necessity, with more and more relations and friends moving out to countries abroad. Hence money sent from one country to other through an electronic fund transfer system is named SWIFT. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications or SWIFT. It provides safe and secure financial transactions anywhere across the world. In this system, payments are sent in the form of Swift codes.

What are Swift codes?

Are you looking for the SWIFT code? It’s frequently referred to as a SWIFT number, which is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). This is how banks and financial institutions all across the world are identified. It’s similar to an international bank code or ID in that it tells you who they are and where they are.

These codes are most commonly used for international wire transfers and SEPA payments, although they are also used for other purposes. These codes are also used by banks to communicate with one another.

The following elements make up a SWIFT code, which can have between 8 and 11 digits:

  • Only letters are allowed in the first four characters, which are used as bank codes.
  • The next two characters, which are only letters, describe or indicate the country code.
  • The following two characters can be any combination of numbers and letters. These are the codes for services that are based on location.
  • The last three characters of the code are optional and can be either numbers or letters.

What happens if the swift code goes wrong?

The bank might deduct the amount from your account only to be reversed back to your account on not finding the right swift code. From the above information, it quite evident that Swift transfers can only be made with Swift codes.

How does the swift transfer work?

The Swift network of financial institutions is used to move money from one country to another. Each financial institution is assigned an 8- or 11-character quick code, often known as a bank identity code. Financial institution transfers take the form of messages that are sent to the receiver’s account in order for the money to be credited to his or her account. Swift is a messaging system that sends money across borders in the form of codes to the receiver’s account so that it can be credited as soon as possible.

Each bank is given an eight- or eleven-character designation called a bank identification by Swift. The Swift code is similar to the IFSC code, which is used for domestic interbank transactions, whereas the IFSC code is used for international transfers. If someone wishes to send money overseas from India, for example, they’ll need the latter’s bank account number as well as the destination bank’s Swift code. The Swift code informs the receiving bank in that country of the transfer in real-time, making it easier for it to clear.

What is the requisite information required for the international transfer of funds?

  • Full name and address of the receiver
  • Bank details of the receiver with an account number and the type of account
  • A SWIFT code is to be provided to identify a specific bank during an international transaction,
  • An IBAN is necessary to identify an individual account in an international transaction.

All you have to do ….is share the details of the receiver

  • Bank account number of the receiver/university/ hospital
  • Postal address of the bank
  • SWIFT code that will be given to you on your transaction
  • Required amount & choose the currency

Swift transfers have some meager handling and transfer charges incurred in the form of service fees which often vary from institution to institution and country to country. The estimated time for Swift transfers is 2-5 working days but might be longer due to the number of transfers between banks and countries. The swift transfer network is secured and spread across many countries and financial institutions across the globe.

Can We Send Money Overseas Without the Swift Code? | Unimoni (2024)


Can you transfer money internationally without a SWIFT code? ›

The banks are always in direct communication with each other, and thus the transaction is faster. However, you will still need account numbers like the SWIFT code or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the foreign bank to complete the transfer.

Is SWIFT required for international transfer? ›

Do you need a SWIFT code for international money transfers? Yes, you will need a SWIFT code to make an international money transfer. This code helps ensure your money transfer arrives at the intended location.

What if the SWIFT code is not available? ›

If the SWIFT code does not exist, your bank will reverse your payment. But this might take time and they may charge a fee.

Which countries require a SWIFT code? ›

Does every bank require a SWIFT code? No. The need for a SWIFT code depends upon the country you are transacting with. For example, Eurozone countries like Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc., require a SWIFT code while making an international payment.

What is the alternative to a SWIFT code? ›

IBAN and SWIFT are the two common standards for sending international bank wires. Both can be used to identify a recipient's bank, so that other parties can send money to them, even across borders. IBAN is the leading standard within Europe and neighboring countries, although the SWIFT system extends worldwide.

How do I get a SWIFT code for an international transfer? ›

You can usually find your bank's SWIFT/BIC code in your bank account statements.

Is a SWIFT code necessary? ›

Do I need a SWIFT or BIC code to make an international payment? Wherever you are in the world, if you need to send or receive funds overseas through your bank, the SWIFT code of the recipient is usually required. Without this code, the transaction will likely not go through.

How much does SWIFT international transfer cost? ›

How much does SWIFT transfer cost? A SWIFT transfer has multiple charges, such as transfer fees, exchange rates, and hidden fees. Banks charge around 3-5% on the exchange rate for each transfer.

What happens if bank does not have SWIFT code? ›

If a bank doesn't have a SWIFT code then it cannot receive international payments as that's how they re done. You'll have to find a bank which does. Yes, I know that if a bank does not have SWIFT Code, it can not receive money from abroad. But my problem is another one.

Is A SWIFT code optional? ›

You will need a SWIFT/BIC code each time you receive money internationally or make international transactions to ensure the funds will reach their destination safely and timely.

How long does a SWIFT code take? ›

A SWIFT payment generally takes 1-4 working days.

The time taken varies based on the destination, time zones, and different banking procedures.

Do I need a SWIFT code to transfer money internationally? ›

When you transfer money between banks, to a bank account across international lines, or for SEPA payments, you'll almost always need a SWIFT/BIC code.

Do all international wires require a SWIFT code? ›

To send an international wire transfer, you'll need to provide six pieces of information: Receiving bank's information: The bank's SWIFT code, their name, and address. Beneficiary information: The recipient's name, account number, and address.

What bank details are needed to transfer money internationally? ›

You will require: Their Bank Identifier Code (BIC), SWIFT code or national bank code. Their bank account number or International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Their full name.

Why doesn't my bank have a SWIFT code? ›

No, but every bank has the option to obtain a SWIFT code. If a bank does not want to engage in cross-border transactions, it would not need to become part of the network.

Do you need BIC for international transfer? ›

This means that if you're sending money abroad, you'll need to know your recipient's IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code to ensure that the transfer ends up in the correct account, in the right bank.

Is SWIFT only used for international transfers? ›

SWIFT is the largest and most streamlined method for international payments and settlements. SWIFT works by assigning each member institution a unique ID code (a BIC number) that identifies the bank name and the country, city, and branch. SWIFT has been used to impose economic sanctions on Iran, Russia, and Belarus.


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