Jubilee Yacht Club


Located on the historic north shore in Beverly, Massachusetts, the Jubilee Yacht Club has carried on yachting traditions for over a century. A private membership based organization incorporated in 1896, the club continues to thrive with over 400 active members. Jubilee has an active cruising fleet, a busy regatta schedule, an active social calendar, and frequent fishing tournaments. The club is also a strong supporter of junior sailing. Feel free to explore this site and learn more about Jubilee Yacht Club.

Float haul work  party Saturday Oct 28!
We will be having a Flu Clinic from 10-12, on float day, Oct 28th in the Ward Room.  All welcome.


Jubilee Yacht Club, P.O. Box 104, 127 Water Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978-922-9611,  Fax: 978-922-7183, Email: office@jubileeyc.comcastbiz.net

Office Hours: Monday – Wednesday 9:00-3:00, Thursday & Friday 10:00-4:00

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